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just stitchin’ again….

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On a trip back home to my folks, my mom, who has an eye for vintage, showed me a vintage alphabet tapestry she had picked up at a car boot. It was such a lovely piece and it got me thinking about its history – who made it, who was it for, where it had been and if it had become a family heirloom passed down through the generations.

Being pregnant at the time, I decide to create a little bit of family history by stitching a modern-day alphabet tapestry for our little baba’s room.

When searching for a pattern I came across wee little stitches selling contemporary cross stitch patterns. Their superhero alphabet was exactly the kind of pattern I was looking for!

Unlike ‘give me work‘ the superhero alphabet only came as a pattern. As I had already worked with Appleton Crewel wool on ‘give me work’ I decided to stick to what I was used to! I purchased my wool and canvas from sew exciting, an online haberdashery. They have been brilliant and so willing to help when I rang for advice.

So, I had my pattern, canvas and wool and got stitchin’…..

Author: mama and baba

first time mama and wife living in South LDN.

One thought on “just stitchin’ again….

  1. That’s ace! When I first read the post I didn’t realise you had done it yourself.. 🙂

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