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Whilst searching for fun wedding favours I came across a silhouette artist, Charles Burns, the roving artist. Unfortunately, he was booked up on the day of our wedding but I signed up for his news letter in the hope that I would be able to one day book him for another event.

Charles then sent out an email, requesting photo’s that he could use for a book he was writing and in return he would send a silhouette as a thank you. So I sent a few pictures and a silhouette of me got featured in the book!

Mastering Silhouettes is an instruction book into the art of silhouette portraiture. Its explains about all the techniques used in period and modern day silhouette portraits, advice on poses and materials and features of silhouette artist and their work.

As my silhouette was painted on glass so I went to meet Charles to collect it. I took Raphael with me and was lucky enough to see Charles in action as he did a portrait of Raphael.

It really is quite an incredible art form. The detail in the cutting is amazing, especially as it took less than a minute to do!

Author: mama and baba

first time mama and wife living in South LDN.

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