mama and her baba

and some of the things we do

about mama

It was always my intention to start this blog before my little baba was born….8 months on here I am!

So, I’m Carly married to Alexis and this year we embarked on the most amazing journey with the arrival of our little man Raphael!

Having taken a year out of work it was important for me to continue to do stuff that I loved as well as looking after Raphael – fashion, makeup, art, music, theatre, to list but a few! I just needed to figure out a way to combine all of my interests with my little baba in tow!

So this blog is really to document all the stuff we do together and on occasion, stuff I do on my own!

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do x

2 thoughts on “about mama

  1. Hi Carly! Love your blog! I’m brand spanking new to the blogging world . . .just this week. I fell head over heels in love with the balloons theme but have already hit some snags. I wanted to ask you if you are self-hosted or not. I see so many things in your widgets that I want to do and don’t know if I can do them with WordPress or if I should self-host.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi!

      Thanks for looking at my blog!

      I don’t self host but I did upgrade my wordpress account which gives you lots more control over the look of your blog. Was there something in particular you wanted on your blog?


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