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pop up books

I was thrilled when my hubby gave me a pop up book for my birthday. Big Bang Pop by a French Author Philippe Ug is filled with vivid colours and beautiful 3d images. It takes you on a journey through the milky way telling you about the life’s of stars.

I remember my mom having a set of vintage pop up books as a kid. I have really vivd memories of them and showing Big Bang Pop to Raphael reminded me of how magical I thought those books were so I thought I would feature a few on here which I think would make amazing Christmas gifts!

For Mama…

Another Philippe Ug, Drôle d’oiseau (Funny Bird) tells the story of a little bird, from an egg to flying the nest as a magnificent bird to discover the world!

For baba….

A box of bugs. 4 concept pop up books by David A Carter

For mama & baba….

White Noise by David A Carter is a pop up book for all ages where the paper structures create a sound as they open!

Fingers crossed santa brings me Drôle d’oiseau for Christmas!

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always first in the queue!

Theres not much that would get me out of bed earlier than Raphael in the morning but the thought of snapping up a bargain and I am out the door! December is a great month for sample sales and two of the best are held annually at the beginning of the month.

Donna Wilson opened up her studios for her annual sale and there were plenty of bargains to be had! With discontinued stock and slight seconds for sale it is well worth making a note your diary! I managed to pick up a couple of her lambs wool blankets I have wanted for ages as well as a few treats for my baba!

Next, Alex Monroe. Held at his studio in the beautiful Iliffe yard it is perfect for picking up some christmas gifts or just to spoil yourself at bargain prices! I keep telling myself I have way to much jewellery but I cannot resist this sample sale and always manage to find something I love and this year was no exception!